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Let’s start with the basics; what is a bet? One bet is to predict the outcome of the first fourteen matches and the number of goals in match number fifteen. 

In the first 14 matches, it is about getting the result of the football match between two teams (home and away) right with three possible results. If the home team wins, it will be a “1”, the tie will be the “X,” and if the visiting team wins, it will be a “2”. 

In the 15th match, the result will be predicted but, in several goals, for both teams. The possible results are the following: “0” score 0 goals, “1” score one goal, “2” score two goals, “M” score three or more goals. 

Simple Method 

A minimum of 2 bets and a maximum of 8 must be made on the same ticket. These bets correspond to the number of columns/blocks the ticket has to make the 14 predictions. 

The plenary session at fifteen will be forecast only once for each ticket. 

Multiple Method 

Another way to increase the number of bets and, therefore, the number of chances of success is to play more than 14 signs. For this, combinations of two “double” or three “triple” forecasts can be used in a match. 

There are possible multiple methods: 

Direct Multiple 

In this case, you can choose different amounts of doubles and triples. An exact direct bet: is the one that is made to several 1, 2, 3, or 4 digits to a single and specific place of location within the extract of the 20 prizes of a jurisdiction.

Direct bet by extension: it is the one that is made to several 1, 2, 3, or 4 figures up to or between the place of the location chosen within the 20 prizes of the extract 

The maximum bets are 31,104, corresponding to 7 doubles and five triples. 

Conditioned multiple 

In this case, in addition to the forecasts, the number of doubles, and triples, you must select the conditions that will be applied and on which matches. 

The conditions will be the number of variants, Equis, and doses. These conditions shall be assessed for matches marked through the ‘matches in system’ column. 

The ways to play are as follows:

To ensure that there is no confusion in the number of bets, it is always necessary to indicate in the section of combinations the number of doubles and triples that have been used. Exact red oblong bet: it is the one that is made to 2 numbers of 2 figures to 2 specific locations of the extract, chosen among the 20 numbers that make up the pool of the selected jurisdiction.

By extension, redolent bets are made to 2 numbers of 2 digits between any place or location chosen within the 20 prizes of the extract of the selected jurisdiction.

In the Argentine pool tradition, there is a table of interpretations of the meaning of dreams, which derives from the Neapolitan Smorphy. The significant cast of dreams and their numerical correlation is attributed to Saint Con.

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