Bodyguard Analysis- Status Symbol


Are you looking for a job change? No job is big or small and just depends on the way we look at it. Different people have different perspectives about the same thing and yet they are all right in some way.

There are many jobs out there in the world and everyone can’t just close their eyes and randomly pick any job that comes their way. There are necessary qualifications that have to be done to achieve certain jobs.

Today we are going to talk about bodyguards and how it is rarely taken seriously as a job and considered nothing more than a servant or lackey work where you simply have to stand behind your client and protect his/her life, more often than not at the cost of your own.

Star Status

How would it feel to be the bodyguard of a renowned movie star? One can very well imagine flanking behind someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson and their ilk.

It isn’t easy to get the job of a bodyguard as it involves rigorous training and tremendous courage because when it comes to protecting a famous celebrity like an actor or politician, you need to have nerves of steel not just the body.

Today, aspiring bodyguards simply assume that to be one you have to eat and drink healthy with a ripped body. You don’t just have to be a lean and mean fighting machine because bodyguards also plan strategies through tact and sharp intellect.

To become a famous celeb bodyguard isn’t something to be taken lightly especially when movie stars have crazed fans that are willing to go to any lengths to catch a glimpse of their icons that the watch every day on TV and social media.

The paparazzi is another added headache that always pester celebrities for gossip news and rumors about their latest hook up, new releases, charity causes and many more.

As many would be where, high profile celebrities have their personal bodyguards to protect them wherever they go and with the numerous risks involved, such bodyguards make sure that they are paid well for putting their life on the line and because they have a family to support.

If you aspire to become a bodyguard of someone like the aforementioned celebrities then just keep the following points in mind.

Points of Note

  1. Safety First- It is the duty of a bodyguard to protect his client from crazy fans, stalkers, ex-girlfriends by standing rock solid by their side and gently pushing them away if try to get too close
  2. Police or military training is necessary as many that have this background in their resume are immediately appointed as bodyguards
  3. You don’t need a college degree but a few training programs to get the basic training required and London Bodyguard Services is a renowned place to get it
  4. Apart from physical strength, you need to have intelligence to workout strategies so that you can protect your clients from harm
  5. Excellent public relations have to be maintained for every bodyguard that requires a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance