Going Vegan Will Report How My Skin Does

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I’ve periodically donned a vegan style diet here and there for years now. I usually can make it up to three weeks before meat or dairy somehow weasels its way back in, usually via a visit with friends or family or a night out to dinner since it’s so pervasive in the American diet.

Oh yeah, and eating vegan at dining establishments here in Northeast Ohio is pretty hard at most restaurants. It’s not like the Pacific Northwest or California where vegan friendly establishments are found practically on every corner, or where even your typical restaurants have added vegan friendly items to their menu in that geographic location.

I’ve decided to go vegan again because I had an alarming visit with my yearly physical, truth be told. I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I knew that I was probably going to, but the number on the scale shocked me into reality. I had known that none of my work pants were fitting me comfortably for a while, and that even some of my shirts seemed to “ride up” on me whereas before they didn’t.

Well, I had it all confirmed for me on this Doctor visit, and I left the office very alarmed that I had reached this particular number on the scale. I swore off meat and dairy on the spot, and it’s actually been very easy for me this first week because my motivation is unwavering at getting back down to a healthy weight.

But there’s more than weight that veganism promotes, as most people find when they make the conversion. It’s definitely not for everybody, and I still think that having a couple servings of animal protein here and there, such as fish, is a good thing for most people.

Some of the other benefits that I’ve noticed from going vegan are that my skin does seem to look much healthier, more luminous, and my acne definitely goes into somewhat of a remission usually. It just seems that the naturally higher intake of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables really clears your skin from within.

Of course, I’m also foregoing some of my favorite sweets like milk chocolate because of their dairy content, so the curbing of sweets is definitely what’s helping as well. I know that for me, when I really increase things like citrus fruits, orange veggies like sweet potatoes, and other foods that have a really high natural vitamin C content, they make my skin “glow” from within.

It also really helps clean you out. Most vegans almost never have a problem with constipation or slow digestion, because they aren’t clogging up their system with the dairies and meats that so often get the whole process slowed down. Since you are so regularly ridding your body of toxins, and are keeping things moving along instead of sluggish, this is notably good for your skin as well.

Many times people who “detox” like this experience the best looking skin of their life. It’s a reported phenomenon already, so I’m not really reporting anything new, just refreshing memories so that people can remember how truly important it is to eat right for great skin.

I’ll report back in a few weeks and let you know how my vegan conversion is going and how my skin looks!