How To Avoid Alcohol In Acne Skin Care Products

Skin Care

It is a well known fact that most skin care products that affectively cure acne and blemishes contain a certain amount of alcohol that will damage the skin in the long run. Actaully, alcohol is not just limited to acne skin care products, it is found in many others as well, including products meant to add moisture to skin, or that are meant for “mature” skin.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these types of skin care products. There are many skin care treatment remedies that can not only heal your skin, but is also good for your skin while making you look beautiful. One of the best remedies out there involves water based skin care products that help rejuvenate the skin, making it look and feel younger and healthier without relying on chemicals that will eventually eat through the skin.

With natural, pure water, it is a natural ingredient that will cleanse the skin of all of it’s impurities. By drinking water, you’ll be receiving a number of useful benefits such as preventing the body and skin from dehydration and moisturizes the skin, especially with pure-water-based moisturizers.

If you’re low on cash and may need to go on a spending budget, then there are ways to go about making your own homemade skin moisturizers by using natural remedies such as avocado oil, almond oil and olive oil.

This method is most recommended because you can add your own antioxidants like vitamin C and E directly into the oil, making your skin gain a natural and healthy glow.

When it comes to creating your own natural water-based moisturizers, it is extremely important to only use the purest filtered water when making your products.

The main reason why this is so important to keep in mind is because you don’t want to add any amount of bacteria or any other chemical components into your natural moisturizer by adding water that is not at it’s purest level. Bacteria causes acne to form under the skin. See our past post about tea tree oil and acne causing bacteria.

There are also many useful skin care guidelines when using pure-water-based moisturizers that are worthy of taking notes of. Some of these tips include, avoiding the use of mainstream skin care products like oils, facial masks, astringents or even exfoliators that will dry out the skin instead of cleanse it.

If you have greasy skin, the best thing to use to treat it is by using a homemade natural moisturizer. Most importantly, it is best to cleanse your face one two-three times a day with non-abrasive and non-alcohol cleansers. Getting clear skin doesn’t mean stripping it and irritating it. There is a much better – much smarter way to treat acne than to just strip the skin.