How To Choose Gold And Avoid Buying Fake Jewelry


Buying Gold Jewelry

You need to understand the significance of buying real gold, because you will be investing a lot of money. If you are buying gold, especially with the intention of resale, then you need to ensure then the fake jewelry would show up immediately, because suppliers and dealers in gold can easily know when the gold is real or it is a fake. If you have thought of giving gold jewelry to your girlfriend, then you have made an excellent decision, because gold never goes out of fashion. It is always in the trend, and always looks beautiful. Gold is a beautiful metal, which can be turned in virtually any way that the artisan requires it to turn. Therefore, you can have different designs. However, remember that you will never be getting pure gold, because pure gold is quite soft, and can be broken easily. Gold will always be mixed with some form of metal to get the best jewelry design that you want. Gold tends to be measured in karats, so the higher the karat number, the purer the gold actually is, and the higher the percentage of gold in the jewelry. Therefore, if you have a good budget, then get a higher karat gold. However, gold should technically be mixed with some other metal, so that it is not only cost-effective but durable, as well. In United States, solid gold is the term used to refer to a piece, which has at least 10k of gold. 14k and 18k gold is also considered solid gold, although it will be mixed with some form of metal to make an alloy.

Sometimes, when other metals are added, the color of the gold changes, for example when nickel or palladium is added, it can create white gold. However, copper addition can create rose gold. Hence, understand these different things, when you are buying gold jewelry.

Avoiding Fake Jewelry

Whenever you are going to buy jewelry, especially if you are thinking of investing in gold, ensure that you are going to a reputable dealer. You should also look for some marks on the jewelry, which is simply the manufacturer’s mark. Generally, the mark is simply a coating to indicate the gold is actually not a fake. Look around at different shops, and simply do not purchase a piece straightaway. Additionally, take the piece to an independent jeweler to get it checked out.

Therefore, buying gold gifts can become a bit tricky. However, it will be worth it, seeing the look on her face, when she sees the trouble that you have gone through.