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How To Avoid Alcohol In Acne Skin Care Products

It is a well known fact that most skin care products that affectively cure acne and blemishes contain a certain amount of alcohol that will damage the skin in the long run. Actaully, alcohol is not just limited to acne skin care products, it is found in many others as well, including products meant to […]

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Bodyguard Analysis- Status Symbol

Are you looking for a job change? No job is big or small and just depends on the way we look at it. Different people have different perspectives about the same thing and yet they are all right in some way.

There are many jobs out there in the world and everyone can’t just close their eyes and randomly pick any job that comes their way. There are necessary qualifications that have to be done to achieve certain jobs.

Today we are going to talk about bodyguards and how it is rarely taken seriously as a job and considered nothing more than a servant or lackey work where you simply have to stand behind your client and protect his/her life, more often than not at the cost of your own.

Star Status

How would it feel to be the bodyguard of a renowned movie star? One can very well imagine flanking behind someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson and their ilk.

It isn’t easy to get the job of a bodyguard as it involves rigorous training and tremendous courage because when it comes to protecting a famous celebrity like an actor or politician, you need to have nerves of steel not just the body.

Today, aspiring bodyguards simply assume that to be one you have to eat and drink healthy with a ripped body. You don’t just have to be a lean and mean fighting machine because bodyguards also plan strategies through tact and sharp intellect.

To become a famous celeb bodyguard isn’t something to be taken lightly especially when movie stars have crazed fans that are willing to go to any lengths to catch a glimpse of their icons that the watch every day on TV and social media.

The paparazzi is another added headache that always pester celebrities for gossip news and rumors about their latest hook up, new releases, charity causes and many more.

As many would be where, high profile celebrities have their personal bodyguards to protect them wherever they go and with the numerous risks involved, such bodyguards make sure that they are paid well for putting their life on the line and because they have a family to support.

If you aspire to become a bodyguard of someone like the aforementioned celebrities then just keep the following points in mind.

Points of Note

  1. Safety First- It is the duty of a bodyguard to protect his client from crazy fans, stalkers, ex-girlfriends by standing rock solid by their side and gently pushing them away if try to get too close
  2. Police or military training is necessary as many that have this background in their resume are immediately appointed as bodyguards
  3. You don’t need a college degree but a few training programs to get the basic training required and London Bodyguard Services is a renowned place to get it
  4. Apart from physical strength, you need to have intelligence to workout strategies so that you can protect your clients from harm
  5. Excellent public relations have to be maintained for every bodyguard that requires a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance

More About BTS Bias: All That You Need to Know About the Team

According to the monthly Korean music chart, the first BTS album, “2 COOL 4 SKOOL,” garnered favourable reviews and peaked at number 10 less than a month after its release. The title track, “No More Dream”, might reflect the pressures of growing up as an adolescent in South Korea. So who is my BTS bias? Let us tell you about it.

A significant part of the band’s musical identity is based on socially aware topics in their songs

The K-Pop EXPO in Asia was hosted in the North Incheon Bokhap-danji in Incheon, South Korea, on September 21, 2014. BTS performed onstage.

When the South Korean boy band BTS played in 2014, they went to Incheon, Korea. Creative Commons Images and Getty Images

Many of BTS’s songs address issues that are important to the group’s fans

As K-pop writer Tamar Herman puts it, “the entire company’s philosophy is to make music that matters.” Since BTS’s music is steeped in the early foundations of K-pop, Herman believes the group’s music is influenced by the struggles idol groups like HOT faced when they first started in their native Korea.

At the time of BTS’ debut, it was “scarce,” according to Herman, for groups to use their songs to voice explicit societal critique. It was a fan’s opinion that the group’s music had an “overarching story” that tracked the group’s evolution and her own, according to an Insider who talked with the fan.

With their songs, BTS expresses a deep pride in their Korean roots

According to an insider, young Dae Kim believes that BTS’s music emphasises the group’s status as Korean artists, something that hasn’t been done before in the music industry.

To represent the nation, the group incorporates social criticism into their music (their song “Paldogangsan” is literally a rap on regional Korean dialects, titled “Saturn”), and they wear traditional Korean Hanbok clothing.

According to Insider Youngdae Kim, “BTS embraced their Korean identity in the beginning because they wanted to portray stories that were authentic to them, as Korean citizens.” They have a responsibility now since they are the most popular K-pop group at the moment, and they aren’t going to hide their Korean roots. Despite the group’s Korean origin, Jiye Kim tells Insider that it has been an “uphill battle” for fans to see coverage from people who understand Asian and Korean culture in general.

At work, Jiye Kim teaches high school English in Sydney, Australia, but devotes her free time—up to 15 hours a day around an album release, to translating BTS content into English for fans worldwide. Since meeting other fans via social media, she’s made many friends and believes that helping them out with translations is her way of saying thank you for the relationships she’s made. There has been significant growth in the number of BTS fans since the advent of social media.

It’s safe to say that the BTS and K-pop fandoms have become movements unto themselves

It has been widely reported that BTS supporters have recently acquired national acclaim for their viral digital activism by matching the K-pop group’s $1 million donations to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Thousands of Korean pop lovers claimed to have purchased tickets to see President Donald Trump in Oklahoma but never showed up, according to reports (rows of seats were vacant during the rally, however it is unclear whether this was due to the viral effort by K-pop fans).

About The forecast and the bet of the pools

Let’s start with the basics; what is a bet? One bet is to predict the outcome of the first fourteen matches and the number of goals in match number fifteen. 

In the first 14 matches, it is about getting the result of the football match between two teams (home and away) right with three possible results. If the home team wins, it will be a “1”, the tie will be the “X,” and if the visiting team wins, it will be a “2”. 

In the 15th match, the result will be predicted but, in several goals, for both teams. The possible results are the following: “0” score 0 goals, “1” score one goal, “2” score two goals, “M” score three or more goals. 

Simple Method 

A minimum of 2 bets and a maximum of 8 must be made on the same ticket. These bets correspond to the number of columns/blocks the ticket has to make the 14 predictions. 

The plenary session at fifteen will be forecast only once for each ticket. 

Multiple Method 

Another way to increase the number of bets and, therefore, the number of chances of success is to play more than 14 signs. For this, combinations of two “double” or three “triple” forecasts can be used in a match. 

There are possible multiple methods: 

Direct Multiple 

In this case, you can choose different amounts of doubles and triples. An exact direct bet: is the one that is made to several 1, 2, 3, or 4 digits to a single and specific place of location within the extract of the 20 prizes of a jurisdiction.

Direct bet by extension: it is the one that is made to several 1, 2, 3, or 4 figures up to or between the place of the location chosen within the 20 prizes of the extract 

The maximum bets are 31,104, corresponding to 7 doubles and five triples. 

Conditioned multiple 

In this case, in addition to the forecasts, the number of doubles, and triples, you must select the conditions that will be applied and on which matches. 

The conditions will be the number of variants, Equis, and doses. These conditions shall be assessed for matches marked through the ‘matches in system’ column. 

The ways to play are as follows:

To ensure that there is no confusion in the number of bets, it is always necessary to indicate in the section of combinations the number of doubles and triples that have been used. Exact red oblong bet: it is the one that is made to 2 numbers of 2 figures to 2 specific locations of the extract, chosen among the 20 numbers that make up the pool of the selected jurisdiction.

By extension, redolent bets are made to 2 numbers of 2 digits between any place or location chosen within the 20 prizes of the extract of the selected jurisdiction.

In the Argentine pool tradition, there is a table of interpretations of the meaning of dreams, which derives from the Neapolitan Smorphy. The significant cast of dreams and their numerical correlation is attributed to Saint Con.

You can now play La Quiniela online and without commissions through quinielas. ar 

Best Affordable Ways To Relax In Summer

If you have enough money to travel to fancy beaches and mountains, good for you, and you probably shouldn’t be reading this tutorial i’m about to write, but if you’re stuck in the city like me, you might want to hear the tips i’m going to give you to escape the heat and spend your summer chilling like a rock. I’ll start with the obvious and finish with more original ideas that i (or someone else) came up with.

First one, would obviously be buying AC. I never got around to actually doing it last summer, as i waited until weather got insufferable in August, and then i was like “is it good idea to buy this appliance for just one month”? So i decided to wait it out. But it was one of the hardest 30 days i had to endure. This year, i headed to Amazon and bought the best rated AC i could find, and it was totally worth the investment. But i couldn’t make a buying decisions without weighing pros and cons and reading dozens of reviews, that’s how paranoid i am. Conditioners have one flaw, though – they only work indoors. So if you’re kind of person who likes staying at home more than going out, like i do, you’re definitely going to love the comfort AC provides. But if you’re not, you might as well skip this step.

My second secret is less obvious, but just as simple – taking showers. I’ve noticed this one time when i was dirty with mud and had to shower in afternoon, instead of my traditional time slot – 9 PM, before going to sleep. And one shower kept me cool for like two hours! My mind was blown, and i think i hadn’t spent any daytime without showering ever since. This was one of the tricks i used to survive the insufferable august i mentioned above.

The last one is getting inflatable pools. I know it sounds obvious but i couldn’t even think of this myself, neither did i read it on some blog. It was after visiting my friend and finding out how convenient inflatable swimming pools are that i decided to get one for myself as well. Before that, i was very skeptical about upkeep and quality. But i gotta say, with proper tools, above ground swimming pools are perfect little addition to my backyard. Don’t take little too literally, because it was 8 meters wide.

And the last, but not least – If you live in a region like mine, where are frozen cold places even in summer, you can go out ice fishing. But don’t forget to take good one man ice shelter and other ice fishing gear with you – it’s going to be chilly!

The last one is a little weird, but this is what i use – i changed my sleeping patterns so i would be awake at night and sleeping during the hot day. But that only works if you work from home and have no social life like me. But i thought it would still be worth the mention.

How To Dress Up Your Hair For A Night Out

If you are heading out for a night out on the town, you will probably want to put in a little bit more effort to look and feel your best. Your hair is especially important and you will likely spend quite a while making sure that it looks just right.

Getting ready with your best friends can be half the fun of a night out! You can congregate at each other’s houses, crack open a bottle of wine and share your gossip as you paint your nails and style your hair.

If you and your friends are looking for fun ways to style your hair for your night out on the town, here are some creative tips:

Trade Textures with Your Best Mate

If your best friend has curly hair and yours is naturally straight why not experience a night in each other’s shoes? You can use silky smooth hair oil and a straightening iron to smooth out her curly hair so that it looks long and soft. Then, she can use a curling iron and some scrunching spray to turn your straight hair into a glorious cascade of curls.

Feather Hair Extensions

These cute little feathers look totally bohemian chic in your hair and they are perfectly on trend right now. You can get them in naturally looking colours or bright neon shades and they can either be crimped into your hair or clipped depending on how permanent you want them to be. When you are getting ready for a night out with your friends, why not get a package of feather hair extensions and try putting them in each other’s hair?

Sexy Braids

Depending on the outfit that you are wearing for the night, a sexy braid can be the perfect hairstyle. I’m not talking about the little pigtail braids as those are for five year olds! I’m talking about a sexy and sophisticated French braid or an “updo” with little tiny braids going into it. You can even leave your hair down and create one tiny braid as an accent around your face. Make sure that you secure your braids well so they don’t come undone while you are dancing.

These are just a few of the ways that you can dress up your hair for a night out on the town with your best girlfriends. Have fun styling your hair together and looking glamorous on the dance floor!

There are many ways that you can dress your hair up for a night out on the town, from US hair feathers to beautiful braids.

Gift Ideas For Little Guys What To Get The Kid Who Has Everything

It can be sometimes difficult to find a great holiday gift for the boy who has everything. While his collection of toys and video games may be overflowing, sometimes you have to think a bit out of the box when the holidays come knocking. If you have a son, nephew, cousin, or loved one who is always difficult to shop for, here are a few gift ideas for the boy who has everything.

1. Learn about his interests.

It’s pretty easy to pick up on a young kid’s interests. Just ask them about what they enjoy doing, and they will probably give you a laundry list of movies, action heroes, athletes, games, toys and the like. The issue is this: What do you do with this information? For instance, find out his favorite sports team and pick up a jersey, hat or even tickets to his favorite team’s next home game. If you know his favorite movie or video game, try and find a picture book that explains the history of the story or the people involved. Learn about his interests and find an accompanying or complementary item to go along with it.

2. Spruce up his style.

If you find that your gift recipient has an interest in fashion, you may want to consider a couple of simple boy’s sweaters to add to his closet. Look for casual winter wear or even a couple of boy’s polos from Vineyard Vines or any other quality clothing maker to make for an effortless look during the colder months. Check out their style now and ask about colors that they enjoy.

3. Purchase items for outdoor play.

One of the biggest complaints from parents about their children these days is that some of them don’t spend enough time playing outside. With the advent of tablets, apps, computers and video games, some kids would rather play inside on their device instead of getting some fresh air and exercise outside. Think of some fun games he could play outside with friends and neighbors, remote-controlled planes or cars, sporting equipment or whatever else you can think of to get him moving. His parents will definitely be grateful, and the little guy will have a great time showing the gift off to his friends.

Figuring out a gift idea for the kid who has everything doesn’t have to be hard. No matter what you end up getting him, he’ll surely be appreciative and grateful that you thought of him.

Clothing happens to be one of John’s favorite things to write about. If you’d like to find out more about Vineyard Vines, please visit

Summer Activities For Kids

It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Summer!

Includes a Free Printable of Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer Activities help to keep the summer running smoothly with kids while making the most out of the short season. Summers should be exciting and wonderful memory-building times together, but they also need quiet time and independent play.

That’s why I started the Summer Door.

It’s an anticipated Choose-Your-Own-Adventure and has become our Summer tradition. It’s easy to avoid boredom blues with this one.

When my kids have made their choice and completed it, I find they are satisfied they’ve had something special that day and are happy to play off on their own or quietly together (and Mom can get a bit of work or relaxing done).

A door filled with fun and summer potential. I’ve even laminated blank ones to use dry-erase markers on for annual new ideas and activities. Keep those ones higher away from little fingers though!

The key to this door working is it’s customized to our schedules and very flexible. The kids know this from day one. Choices may be limited or turned down temporarily, but we’ll try to fit it all in.

The kids take turns picking activities off the door daily, but sometimes they have to choose between mom’s narrowed down choices.

Sometimes on weekend days, we skip it altogether.

All it takes is a little printing, cutting, and sticky-tacking. It’s totally worth it!

I run it with my Mom’s Summer Box. My own little compilation to keep things running smoothly. It’s the supplies, the ideas, the details I need to kick things off for each activity.

In previous years a Marshall’s reusable bag has been my favorite thing to keep my summer things together, but I upgraded to recycling the FabFitFun 2018 Summer box. It’s so pretty and bright, it screams summer fun! You can see I’ve collected materials and made up an idea list too.

Mom’s Summer Box 2018.

Some things I prepare ahead of time, like specific crafts or recipes/ingredients, but I keep it non-specific so I can get as creative as my schedule allows. That’s why I was so excited to share my Summer Door on the blog, it’s so super customizable for everyone! It’s really a lot of fun!

Print the summer door icons in the link at the end of the post for a Free complete list of activities. Here are a few of the things you’ll find, and some of our favorites so far:

Lego Super Tower.

Along with printables for lego building challenges and a “LEGO Wall-of-Fame” to earn a spot on, building a Lego super tower was an activity that took half a day. With a stackable snack of crackers, we matched challenge cards, made a Marble Run and built a super tower.

The challenge cards were a little hard to find the free printable for online (if you have time to make your own it would be better customized to your kids’ ages and abilities). My little guy and I did them together while my daughter raced against the clock with us. We tried to complete five challenge cards in 10 minutes.

We did and everyone’s name made it to the Lego Wall-of-Fame pantry door. 🙂

The Marble Run I wouldn’t recommend for <8 years old. My kids had weaning interest in the project and returned when it was finished and fun. Try making single-track marble racers instead!

As for the Lego Super Tower, we tried to use every single piece of lego we could. Largest to smallest.

My kids wanted to work together, but races for older kids would work excellent for super towers!

Glow Stick Bath.

What more is there to say about this one.

Break up a bag of glow sticks (we used necklaces), blow up a few balloons and slide small glowsticks inside and find fun wands. We came across some cute multi-colored pinwheels. Throw them all into a bath and turn out the lights!

* Don’t use any broken glow sticks and replace water or end bath if one breaks. Who knows how safe that is?!? Not me, but I do know it tastes terrible. :p YUCK

** Don’t try to roll or over-bend the glow sticks, like I did!

We had to drag the kids out after an hour, they were just having so much fun. Definitely give this one a try. It just gets more fun after soaps and bubbles!

Next time I’m putting them into the jetted tub and turning up the bubble factor!!

Make T-shirts.

Ok, so, T-shirt making has never been my favorite with young kids.

T-shirts and fabric paints/glues are used up after one project, so it’s costly and we mostly end up just making PJ shirts.

This year I decided to try the Sharpies and alcohol technique (both of which I already had) and large PJ T-shirts from the dollar store ($3 each). Way more budget-friendly.

I printed off some black and white images, that the kids chose, and we traced them onto the T-shirts with our sharpies. Images with fine details should be avoided because of the ink spreading once the alcohol is painted on.

Isopropyl Alcohol (or Isopropanol) works great and also costs about $3. We only filled up a little at a time into the bowl to avoid spilling and over saturating our project (when mom turned away). The old cookie sheet is to put inside the T-shirt, unless you want the back to benefit from the dye too.

Lightly paint the alcohol onto the T-shirt Sharpie designs. These cheap sponge brushes from the dollar store work the best for this.

The color does not spread a lot right away (see the striped cat below), be patient. It continues to spread for about two minutes (like the shoulder area). If you want to go back and paint over a section again, do it at the very end to give the color time to spread nicely first.

Hang it outside to dry and get that alcohol smell outside while it disappears. It dries very quickly depending on how saturated the shirt is. My son’s shirt took much longer to dry than my daughters, and the black spread a lot more on his too, being the more saturated of the two.

I left them outside for about 5 minutes.

His is a monster with a comet coming toward his head and a poison-spitting snake. My daughter’s is filled with butterflies, hearts, flowers, cats and a rainbow. Clearly personalized. Lol.

One of the greatest things about doing this craft early in the season is they get to wear it all summer long.

It also makes a great paint shirt for the upcoming school year!

Make Slime.

Well, the possibilities are endless here. Pinterest is saturated with great slime recipes.

Truthfully, I’ve had a lot of fails in this area. I know Borax is a new swear word, but I usually don’t make slime more than twice a year, and I really prefer a Borax slime to the contact solution recipe (which needs boric acid to work anyway??).

We made Phoenix Slime. I mixed 4 oz of slime (2 of those little glitter glues) with 1/4 cup of warm water. I mixed it with my hands, the key word being I. I did it. I don’t know why but most of my fails were when the kids did the mixing, I guess they don’t combine it well enough.

I love to involve them in the kitchen, measuring and stirring but this is one project they’re better on the sidelines!

Once it was mixed thoroughly, I added a mixture of 1 cup warm water with 1 tsp borax. Again, I mixed it with my hands, squeezing it well for about 5 minutes until it was finally the perfect slime texture.

Use whatever recipe you’re comfortable with.

This was called Phoenix slime, lovingly named by my daughter because I didn’t have the colors on hand to meet her unicorn slime request. It’s red and gold glitter glue combined.

This slime is a perfect texture and really perfect for sucking Shopkins and Hachimals into!

Play dough.

Whether you pull out the big bucket or make your own, play dough is a wonderfully creative medium. Play dough mats, cookie cutters, and plastic utensils all just add to the fun. Pasta, or sparkles…anything!

This year we colored ours yellow and I hid beads and “bling” inside. Pirate Play Dough (my apologies for lack of pics here). I used my homemade play dough recipe.

It’s soft and makes a large batch, good for 2-3 kids.

Remember to seal it tightly in a plastic bag!

Pirate play dough was a huge success, and fun-summer-mom even allowed a bathroom disaster to happen from the rinsing off of found treasures. Just breathe through it. lol

And, the fun continues around here. Homemade ice cream fudge “blizzards,” splash parks, shrinky dink keychains for school backpack bling, and so much more!

Free printable:

Enjoy your own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure with these Summer Activities for Kids!

Service Experts Is The Right Choice For Installation Of Hvac

Whenever you decide to install new HVAC make sure that it has two features. First one is durability and the second one is efficiency. For a comfortable home it should be your first step to choose a best HVAC system for your home. Just purchasing a good HVAC is not enough but you have to take into consideration some other things like its installation. Whenever you acquire or install a new HVAC system it’s better to consult with some experienced HVAC professional. Because it’s the fact that installation plays very important role in heating and air-conditioning. Only a professional person can install your this heavy investment well and he will ensure you that furnace and air conditioner are installed in a proper way. Service Experts will be your right choice if you hire them because they provide you hones and high quality services. Beside this service experts are also provide very fast and efficient services. For more information about service experts keep reading this.

Proper Installation of HVAC:

The best results from HVAC can be obtained only if it is installed properly. If it’s no well installed then it will not be able to deliver you the optimum energy efficiency. Some studies show that improper installation of HVAC can reduce its performance up to 30%. If you pick the services of Service Experts then you will not have to face this problem because the work done by the service experts is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will also help you in repair and maintenance along with proper installation. Service experts are well aware of different HVAC brands and models. That’s why they know very well that how they can use their knowledge and expertise. Whichever model you choose for your home these Service Experts will install that properly.

Seasonal Considerations:

To protect the cooling system is important especially at that time when temperature is continuously moving down. Winter weather is expected to prove hard on air conditioners and it can potentially damage it. Some professionals ignore the part of Winterization but the Service Experts also take care of it. When service experts install your HVAC system they also take time to properly winterize your system so that you may not have to face any problem when in spring you want to start cooling your home. Not only these’ but there are a lot of other things which make the service experts better than others. When service experts team leaves your home after installation they care into consideration some other very important points such as they check that the area around your system is clean. They also ensure that there is no moisture on compressor because if there is any moisture then it will cause freezing. This service expert team will also check that all outdoor connections and venting are in proper form otherwise they will seal it so that cold air can’t come inside and heated air can’t come out.

In short service experts will be your appropriate choice for the installation, repair and maintenance of your HVAC system.

How To Avoid Alcohol In Acne Skin Care Products

It is a well known fact that most skin care products that affectively cure acne and blemishes contain a certain amount of alcohol that will damage the skin in the long run. Actaully, alcohol is not just limited to acne skin care products, it is found in many others as well, including products meant to add moisture to skin, or that are meant for “mature” skin.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these types of skin care products. There are many skin care treatment remedies that can not only heal your skin, but is also good for your skin while making you look beautiful. One of the best remedies out there involves water based skin care products that help rejuvenate the skin, making it look and feel younger and healthier without relying on chemicals that will eventually eat through the skin.

With natural, pure water, it is a natural ingredient that will cleanse the skin of all of it’s impurities. By drinking water, you’ll be receiving a number of useful benefits such as preventing the body and skin from dehydration and moisturizes the skin, especially with pure-water-based moisturizers.

If you’re low on cash and may need to go on a spending budget, then there are ways to go about making your own homemade skin moisturizers by using natural remedies such as avocado oil, almond oil and olive oil.

This method is most recommended because you can add your own antioxidants like vitamin C and E directly into the oil, making your skin gain a natural and healthy glow.

When it comes to creating your own natural water-based moisturizers, it is extremely important to only use the purest filtered water when making your products.

The main reason why this is so important to keep in mind is because you don’t want to add any amount of bacteria or any other chemical components into your natural moisturizer by adding water that is not at it’s purest level. Bacteria causes acne to form under the skin. See our past post about tea tree oil and acne causing bacteria.

There are also many useful skin care guidelines when using pure-water-based moisturizers that are worthy of taking notes of. Some of these tips include, avoiding the use of mainstream skin care products like oils, facial masks, astringents or even exfoliators that will dry out the skin instead of cleanse it.

If you have greasy skin, the best thing to use to treat it is by using a homemade natural moisturizer. Most importantly, it is best to cleanse your face one two-three times a day with non-abrasive and non-alcohol cleansers. Getting clear skin doesn’t mean stripping it and irritating it. There is a much better – much smarter way to treat acne than to just strip the skin.

Going Vegan Will Report How My Skin Does

Filed under Diet and Acne by Clear Skin Consultant

I’ve periodically donned a vegan style diet here and there for years now. I usually can make it up to three weeks before meat or dairy somehow weasels its way back in, usually via a visit with friends or family or a night out to dinner since it’s so pervasive in the American diet.

Oh yeah, and eating vegan at dining establishments here in Northeast Ohio is pretty hard at most restaurants. It’s not like the Pacific Northwest or California where vegan friendly establishments are found practically on every corner, or where even your typical restaurants have added vegan friendly items to their menu in that geographic location.

I’ve decided to go vegan again because I had an alarming visit with my yearly physical, truth be told. I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I knew that I was probably going to, but the number on the scale shocked me into reality. I had known that none of my work pants were fitting me comfortably for a while, and that even some of my shirts seemed to “ride up” on me whereas before they didn’t.

Well, I had it all confirmed for me on this Doctor visit, and I left the office very alarmed that I had reached this particular number on the scale. I swore off meat and dairy on the spot, and it’s actually been very easy for me this first week because my motivation is unwavering at getting back down to a healthy weight.

But there’s more than weight that veganism promotes, as most people find when they make the conversion. It’s definitely not for everybody, and I still think that having a couple servings of animal protein here and there, such as fish, is a good thing for most people.

Some of the other benefits that I’ve noticed from going vegan are that my skin does seem to look much healthier, more luminous, and my acne definitely goes into somewhat of a remission usually. It just seems that the naturally higher intake of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables really clears your skin from within.

Of course, I’m also foregoing some of my favorite sweets like milk chocolate because of their dairy content, so the curbing of sweets is definitely what’s helping as well. I know that for me, when I really increase things like citrus fruits, orange veggies like sweet potatoes, and other foods that have a really high natural vitamin C content, they make my skin “glow” from within.

It also really helps clean you out. Most vegans almost never have a problem with constipation or slow digestion, because they aren’t clogging up their system with the dairies and meats that so often get the whole process slowed down. Since you are so regularly ridding your body of toxins, and are keeping things moving along instead of sluggish, this is notably good for your skin as well.

Many times people who “detox” like this experience the best looking skin of their life. It’s a reported phenomenon already, so I’m not really reporting anything new, just refreshing memories so that people can remember how truly important it is to eat right for great skin.

I’ll report back in a few weeks and let you know how my vegan conversion is going and how my skin looks!

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